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How To Create An Attractive Tinder Profile On Tinder Hookup Site?

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Using a Tinder profile to find a hookup is one way to find an easy hookup in the modern world. But in order to get a Tinder hookup, you must first complete a tinder register and set up your profile. A Tinder profile can make the difference between being Tinder dating and being a Tinder single.

Creating the perfect profile can help you with Tinder dating. Today we are going to go over some of the things you should do when you complete a Tinder register to make your profile ready for hookups.


Quality Photos Are Necessary

One of the joys of Tinder dating is that anyone can find a hookup. You can have any appearance, any preference. That being said, photos still matter. People donít want to know that you are ďhotĒ in a traditional way, they just want to know if they find you attractive.

A blurry photo, or one that doesnít show you at your best, will be discarded by other users. Donít use selfies. Have a friend come over and work with you to capture good photos of you.

You could also use photos that are taken by other people and posted to Facebook. Tinder even links to Facebook. Going this route, still find the best possible pictures.

You might think that a picture of yourself without a shirt or in your shortest skirt is the best picture for Tinder. It shows skin after all. Instead, you should find pictures that show you as you normally are. You donít go walking down the mall without a shirt on. Similarly, donít use ďsexy poses.Ē


Craft A Good Written Profile

Tinder is famous because a tinder profile does not contain much text. The whole point is that you have a short page. But there are two different ideas exist behind the idea of how to write your Tinder profile.

The major profile concept is that you create something simple and uses the least words profile. By least, most people only write five words max. Try to give a few words that describe your personality in what writers would describe as a stream of consciousness. Not whole sentences, a set of words that go together to describe yourself.

By the end, you should have a good image of yourself. Especially if you were a stranger. Another Tinder dating method for Tinder singles is to write up a description using all of the keywords. Combine as many sentences that describe yourself in order to come up with a perfect description of yourself.

Some people do this by sorting their profile into mini categories that end up describing their preferences for a partner and their personality. Create one-word breaks and a sentence to go after them.

Another way to maximize your word count is to tell a story about yourself. This story should describe yourself in a nutshell. Paint a story with short words that still capture attention.


What Not To Do For A Tinder Hookup

When you are looking for A tinder hookup, there is one thing over all else that you should avoid. Over-sexualizing your Tinder profile will lead to turning away many tinder singles. People who go to tinder looking for tinder dating or a Tinder hookup still want to find some reason to be attracted to you.

They find a reason to be attracted to you in three items:

  • Your Tinder Pictures
  • Your Tinder Profile
  • Your First Message

Talking about sex before your get to know yourself is often seen as an invasion of privacy. This isnít just by women either. Many quality men also view this as an invasion of privacy. Not just that, it is also considered rude to go straight to talking about sex.

Think of it this way: would you walk up to someone at a bar and ask them if they were interested in having sex in your first sentence?

What it comes down to is spending the time to read your profile as objectively as possible. While reading it think of whether or not you would consider going out with yourself. If your answer is no, then it is time to rethink your Tinder dating profile so that you don't remain a Tinder single forever.